Now, it seems the two of you have a marriage that is not typical, not average. Both of you are happy and fulfilled. May you both enjoy this beautiful anomaly for the rest of your lives.


by KrosRogue? on 2005 Jan 17 - 07:56 | reply to this comment One Catches More Flies With honey, Kros. Your experience was not "typical" nor was it "average." I suggest you look within. There is a law of attraction: you attract into your life what you focus on. By focusing on your opinion of women as shrewish and argumentative, you attracted that kind of woman into your life.

Others, on the other hand, attract much happier, friendlier and cooperative women into their lives. Suggest you study up on how and why.


by "Pat" on 2005 Jan 18 - 00:19 | reply to this comment Honey Doesn't Change The View If it weren't for my observation of others, I might believe your implication that my experience and resulting opinion are a bit skewed. You may further criticize my observation by stating that it in no way reflects the world-wide statistics. I took no survey and made no attempt at any scientific study. My personal *observation* was just that, what I have *personally* seen of folk with whom I happen to be acquainted.

Your own observation may be radically different from mine. The folk you know may all be in ecstatically joyous marriages without a care in the world. That sounds like a fine neighborhood, so it's no wonder your view is all dripping with honey and lined with gold. My view, OTOH, is neither that sweet nor that bright.


by KrosRogue? on 2005 Jan 18 - 10:21 | reply to this comment It seems that the two of you

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